CadenTEC was formed based on a learned and recognized need in the healthcare IT consulting industry to bridge the communication gap as it relates to operationalizing healthcare technology and solutions.



Our EHR consultants are not only skilled in many facets of complex EHR application delivery efforts, but truly understand where the gaps exist in the industry today. Gaps contribute to setbacks costing healthcare organizations millions of dollars. CadenTec leverages industry best practices but takes pride in having the experience to effectively inventory the ‘other’ static and dynamic variables that must be considered to avoid setbacks.

System Integration

Outside of a ‘typical’ EHR Upgrade or Implementation, system integration projects don’t get the effort or attention they deserve. Finding technical experts who understand the technology and what needs to be done from an application build and integration logic perspective is not difficult. Prior to the configuration build, the application design phase of a project is often overlooked.

Ehr Maintenance and Optimization

We have a deep understanding of healthcare technology and the support processes to manage the day-to-day maintenance of your clinical applications at all levels to include: systems integration and technology, application build and data migration, system upgrades (OS to EHR application), 3rd party software, disaster recovery, etc.

Project Management

Not all Project Managers are created equal. You simply cannot identify a Project Management staffing resource without extensive healthcare background, and expect to be successful. Healthcare IT is a specialized industry and healthcare institutions continue to suffer from a lack of qualified candidates in the workforce today.


Leveraging experience and best practices as it relates to healthcare technology and implementation is what CadenTEC does best.

Interdependent and situational leadership

each organization comes with a unique personality outside of given technology and environment variables

Empowering others by sharing information

leveraging a comprehensive and collective knowledge base


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